ZADI: Flexible and automated Dose Rate Measurement

Versatile and reliable like a Swiss pocket knife: For ZWILAG, the interim storage facility for radioactive waste in Switzerland, we have developed a system for automated dose rate measurement of nuclear waste drums.

For waste conditioning processes, ZWILAG uses drum inspection systems in order to measure the level of radiation in nuclear waste stored in drums. For those systems, we programmed ZADI, short for "ZWILAG's Automatic Dose Rate Inspector." ZADI provides the process management system with a perfectly integrated, fully automated inspection tool in order to measure the drums' dose rate.

Due to its flexible configuration, ZADI can be adjusted to different environments, like the number of measuring channels and positions, or the nature of various drum rate tubes.

In addition, ZADI offers the capacity for calibration and repeated inspection (WKP), runs self-test cycles between measurements, reports the results of its drum inspection to the process management system and generates, if desired, a report containing average and peak value charts.




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