NaI Detectors: Cost efficient Radiation Measurement

There are various requirements when measuring gamma or X-radiation. Sodium-iodide detectors can offer a cost-efficient yet high-quality option, especially in those cases where, for example, the nuclides responsible for the radiation are well known, and a high-resolution of a cooled-down detector is not needed.

NaI detectors are used for gamma or X-ray spectrometric inspections. They work with high efficiency, be it for measurements of gamma total equivalents, or with precisely known nuclide vectors. NaI detectors belong to the family of scintillation detectors; using scintillation crystal, they convert radioactive radiation into light impulses, and a downstream photo multiplier then converts them into electric signals. Hence the enhanced signal is being read by a multi-channel analyzer. The end-result is a bar chart, which illustrates the spectrum of radioactive and X radiation in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Our gamma total software under LabView shows a typical application of NaI Detectors, also pointing out the options of calibration, background measurement, gamma total and ROI (regions of interest) based analysis. ROI based analyses look at separate ranges of the spectrum, which the user can define as "regions of interest."

Gamma total enables reporting on client specific Excel report templates. It shows that at Marschelke Messtechnik, we are able to seamlessly integrate almost every measurement device, like, in this case, the spectrometer, even if it doesn't have LabView support.




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